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Gemvision Matrix V8.0


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3D is a powerful CAD/CAM tool for designing and printing jewelry in a single step. 3D software is a jewelry design tool and a 3D printer in a single package.‎ Use the free 3D product and get a free 3D printer too. 3D printing can be used for many things. Make your own jewelry pieces, design a custom ring, print the next prototype or make a watch face, anything you can think of, we got it! Just download the free 3D software and have fun.‎ ABI is the best 3D software solution for jewelry CAD/CAM software and allows you to create jewelry on your smartphone and share it with your friends and family.‎ Jewelry has always been an interesting item to produce. It can be beautiful, can be practical or can be a part of an art. The way people use jewelry varies. Usually, the jewelry is used as a part of an art, but sometimes it is used to help us do everyday activities, and in some cases it is used as a gift for the person we are with. People can also use jewelry for business purposes.‎ Jewelry was invented by humans and until now humans are still using jewelry to adorn themselves and to be a part of their daily life. The invention of jewelry is still continuing today with advanced technology. Jewelry has evolved from the simple simple bracelets and pendants to even more complex pieces that people use today.‎ In ABI we use the term design, but we really mean the process of transforming a virtual design into a physical reality. In order to be able to print your design you will first have to design it using a digital tool. ABI is a free mobile app to create jewelry designs and share them with your family and friends, you can send your designs to be printed on a 3D printer in the same app.‎ Once you design your jewelry you can share your design with your friends on your social media accounts and they can also see the design and can share it with their family and friends as well.‎ Today, there are hundreds of different jewelry designs in the market and ABI is the best platform to design and share it with your friends. ABI allows you to design the jewelry with just a few taps on your



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Gemvision Matrix V8.0

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